Organizational Diversity At The Workplace

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Organizational Diversity in the Workplace I. Introduction: Today, more and more organizations are moving towards the analysis of how to implement diversity as a core value. For an organization to hold people accountable for diversity expectations, leaders must implement, have a clear understanding, and practice diversity policies and procedures (Williams, 2013). By outlining a foundation together with a lateral approach leaders can encourage diversity understanding (Williams, 2013). Knowledgeable leaders are able to make certain that people are being held accountable for diversity violations and ensure that organizations are doing business that reflects its core values (Williams, 2013). The changes and demands of today’s organizations require leaders to be more aware of diversity issues. Immediately addressing diversity issues allows cooperation’s to be more productive and competitive (Kotter, 1980). However, without this awareness and much needed skill leaders run the risk of being overwhelmed by the organization which could cause power struggles that result in reduced initiative, innovation, and morale (Kotter, 1980). Most managerial, technical, and professional jobs have experienced an increase of diversity among people within organizations. Strong power and influence leadership skills are needed due to this increase of diversity (Kotter, 1980). As organizations of all kinds engage with issues of diversity and inclusion, they must frequently create new strategies that
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