Organizational Effectiveness Essay

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Organizational Effectiveness Benjamin Dunton CJA/474 February 04, 2013 Kenneth Rosa Organizational Effectiveness Every company has a set of goals designed to lead the organization in a specific direction. To achieve these goals, managers should train employees to follow a specific path or set of rules that will lead to organizational effectiveness. The measurement of effectiveness is achieved through completion of the organization's goals. To understand organizational effectiveness in any setting, one must define it according to the goals of the organization. In a criminal justice environment, managers must apply various organizational effectiveness theories appropriately to measure the effectiveness of the department.…show more content…
For example, if the managers of two wholesale stores compare the effectiveness of their organization, the results may be completely different because of the difference in goals. One store may have a goal to increase profits, whereas the other store may have a goal of increasing customer membership. Managers measure the effectiveness by different standards because of the differing goals, even though the stores are similar. Application of Organizational Effectiveness Theories Managers and leaders can apply many theories of organizational effectiveness to their company. Many of the various theories deal with motivation and how to use motivation to get employees to do their job and meet the goals of the organization. Managers commonly use content theories and process theories to figure out what motivates employees. According to Geering (1980), "Content theories, like those developed by Maslow, deal with basic concepts of needs that begin, stimulate, or cause behavior. Process theories are concerned with understanding the reasoning behind the choice of a particular behavior pattern to accomplish work goals" (para. 1). Some researchers think one theory is more important to understand than the other. The key to applying the theories of organizational effectiveness is understanding both theories and knowing how to use each to
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