Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Effectiveness Paper
May 11, 2015
Organizational Effectiveness Paper
Organizations are social units that are deliberately formed in order to reach specific goals. These social groups include schools, business corporations, military units, and police departments. Organizations are characterized by their goals, authority, communication responsibilities, their set of rules and norms and the presence of one or more authority members that control the organization in order to achieve their goals. This paper will discuss organizational effectiveness apply theories of organizational effectiveness to the management of criminal justice personnel. It will also describe methods for exerting control in an
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This type of control outlines what employees can and cannot do and provides consequences if the rules are broken. Employees that work in a bureaucratic organization can be often described as robots because they follow the rules without having any questions. , the main boss says what to do, and everyone else below him or her does it. Agile organizations are totally different than a bureaucratic organization. An agile organization which is known as a bottom-up empowerment organization, where managers give employees an opportunity in having a say in the design of rules of the organization. In an agile organization, managers see employees as equal as opposed to them being superior to one another. Rank is not important in an agile organization because managers empower their employees to make decisions that can affect the organization. However, it is very important that managers still exert control over their employees. Managers can do this by using objectives to exert the control. Managers give objectives or goals to their employees that allow the employees to do their job as they see fit in order to accomplish their goals. Managers are there to give direction, but the employees are the ones that decide on how they are going to achieve their goal.
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