Organizational Effectiveness Essay examples

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Indian Premiere League Controversy Board of control for Cricket is the most powerful and most influential organization in the world of cricket. It is one of the richest sports organizations in the world. Mr. N Srinivasan came a long way starting as a cricket administrator in Tamil Nadu in 2001 to becoming President of Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2011. Indian Premier League is considered as the world’s show case for the T20 cricket. Eight teams will be participating in this tournament. An UK based consulting firm Brand Finance has valued it at 4.13 billion US dollars in 2010. During N. Srinivasan term as president IPL has faced lot of controversies. Being the most powerful man in world of cricket administrators he refused to…show more content…
But twitter account status of Meiyappans’s said that he was the Team Principal of CSK, was titled as the owner of the franchise at a particular event , he was sitting in the player’s auction and was present in the dugout of CSK for all the matches where only the team management was allowed to be present in the dugout. So India Cements argument that he is not related to the franchise is absolutely false (Singh, 2013). He was involved in illegal betting of CSK matches too. This raises lot of questions as he may have passed the team combinations and planning to the bookies as he has access to all the players (Singh, 2013). If Srinivasan tries to brush off things and cover up the whole situation then BCCI will jeopardize the faith and entrust of millions of people who follow the game of cricket and where cricket is a religion in India. For the betterment of cricket, cricket lovers and inviolability of cricket in India Srinivasan must resign and ensure that all the guilty are served with the punishment. The other members of the board have resigned as they are not satisfied with the Srivasan’s decision and how he handled the situation (Singh, 2013). Source of Conflict: This conflict can be an example for Substantive conflict. This occurs when two or more organizational members disagree on their task or content issues. Conflict of values: This occurs when two social entities differ in their values or ideologies on certain issues
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