Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Effectiveness

Theories surrounding the model of leadership have been one of the most significant areas of interest within the field of management. When it comes to the theory of management, Adairs Action-Centered Leadership Model (1973) was recognized as one of the iconic model, which provided a clear scheme for leadership, teamwork and management and can easily be adopted universally. The model was generally presented by three overlapping circles, each circle clarify each essential aspects included task, team and individual. It delivered the idea that the content leaders or managers should have ability to obligate all three main aspects of the Action-Centered Leadership model. The accentuation on each circle can be
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Yet, she did not speak it out to the team and no one recognized her potential to lead the tasks. On the other hand, after learning about the model and discuss about the flaws of the team, the theory of Action-Centers leadership framework was put into action and it resulted in a satisfied way in the coincident on Saturday morning. The team was assign to do 3 different tasks which is consisting of the tower building, doing puzzle in the local village and betting the height of the tower of competitors in very limited time. In this assignment, there was no explicit that who is a leader, but we manage to share role of leaders in each given task. According to theory of John Adair, the task has to be divided, make plan, allocate work and the team can manage to follow guideline given by model. The brief was reading carefully and there is an attempt to control quality of work and check performance against plan by making sure that we have time management and follow the plan. Each task was assigned to each of the member who seen to have ability in doing so. For example, member A and B think they are good at doing puzzle, they volunteered to do. This can also be relate to individual that the team can identify individual abilities and natural styles and respect others as individual. ‘A good match between the attributes of members and their responsibilities in the team will strongly affect team’s performance. One mark of winning teams was the way in which
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