Organizational Effectiveness Essay

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An organization’s effectiveness is dependent on its communicative competence and ethics. The term “Organizational Effectiveness” can be used interchangeably with the concept of “Organizational Development”, especially when used as the name of a department or part of an organization’s Human Resources. Organizational development is an ongoing, systematic process to implement effective change in an organization and is known as a field of applied behavioral science focused on understanding and managing organizational change, as well as, a field of scientific study and inquiry . While organizational development is considered to be interdisciplinary in nature because it draws on sociology, psychology, and theories of motivation, learning, and …show more content…
In connecting corporate citizenship with its quality vision, a manager would be stimulating a feeling of belonging to the company. This would produce workers who are knowledgeable about the history, culture, traditions and values of the company. These employees will share their successes with other employees which will redefine and enhance jobs while improving the work of others. In the end, both employer and employees need to actively communicate and collaborate, in an attempt to learn from one another.

Controlling, monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed is required for a company to sustain its success. It is such an important managerial function because it is essential to an organization’s ability to: adapt to change and uncertainty; discover irregularities and errors; reduce costs, increase productivity, add value; detect opportunities; deal with complexity; decentralize decision making; and facilitate teamwork. In using these abilities, a company can use techniques to establish standards and measure performance. When establishing standards, the performance standard should be the preferred level for a given goal, where it is measured when the standard can be proven. While performance measurements are usually obtained from written reports, oral reports, and personal observations, these standards should be compared to performance standards. In fact, a control
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