Organizational Effectiveness : Team Effectiveness

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Table of Contents i- Executive Summary ii- Introduction to Organizational Effectiveness iii- Introduction to Team Effectiveness iv- Team and Organizational Effectiveness: The Co-relation v- Importance of Team Work for Organizational Effectiveness
1. Command Team Effectiveness (CTEF) Model (ESSENS ET AL. 2005)
2. Five Factors Model of Intercultural Leadership Behavior
3. Star Model
4. 7-S-Model vi- Conclusion vii- Appendix viii- References

Executive Summary
The objective of this case study is to define what is usually meant by the term organizational effectiveness. The study will also focus on recognizing and identifying the affecting factors that contribute to the organizational effectiveness. The study will also go in depth of the main factor, team effectiveness, which is based upon a number of factors like diversity in employee skills, size of team and the team manager’s contribution to developing a strong organizational structure.
The study will also analyze the team structure, delegation of workforce, effective communication and team motivation in light of popular organizational theoretical perspectives. The list of factors under discussion would be the link of input factors to the goals of the organization, ensuring the balance of all input factors and considering the effect of varying environments and constantly changing situations, also considering the measures an organization carries out to adapt to these changes.
Introduction to Organizational
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