Organizational Environment: A Human Resource Management Perspective

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Organizational Environment A Human Resource Management Perspective Organizational Environment: A Human Resource Management Perspective Organization is defined as group of people who put joint and systematic efforts to achieve desired goals (Robbins, Kotze and Coulter, 2003). The goals of organization are the goals of all the people who join hands in the efforts. However, there are certain motives in the mind of every individual who wants to join organization. In the organizational literature, these motives are known as personal goals and one of the responsibilities of management team is to align organizational and personal goals. Another important duty of management is to create a supporting environment for the individuals to achiever their personal and organizational goals. Since organization is run by individuals, they are the ones who are most affected by the environment. In the business settings, individuals are also considered as resource to the organization, and their management is also mandatory. Human resource management (HRM) is an emerging field in the recent year to cater for the concerns of individuals who join an organization to contribute in its development. This is the reason; the literature is rich in the theories related to employees' motivation, organizational behaviour and organizational environment. This paper will caste light into the theory of organizational environment with the perspective of human resource management perspective. In other
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