Organizational Excellence And Change At Pepsico

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PepsiCo 5 Unit 3: Assignment 1- PepsiCo Michelle Kinyungu GM504-01 Organizational Excellence and Change June 14,2016 Dr.: Barbara-Leigh Tonelli Introduction Open systems approach is a gave a rise to a general model can guide the diagnosis of entire an organization ( Harrison,2004, p.27) .Open systems are made of several components that will impact an organization during the diagnosis process. The two systems components that is directly association with PepsiCo are organizational processes and behavior and structure. PepsiCo organizational process and behavior lays within the Pepsi University is the area of job performance. PepsiCo?s women leadership is low in numbers. The gap analysis of PepsiCo is to work toward an action plan to increase real-world experience and women leadership. Content and Analysis Complexity leadership theory investigates the role of leadership in advancing those processes in organizations through which co-dependent actions among many individuals combine into a group endeavor (Lichtenstein, et al., 2006). Organizational behavior and processes can change over a course of time and so does management practices. PespiCo still uses the university for professional development which still uses classroom style of learning. PepsiCo has not adopted the complexity leadership theory in being able to co-exist with leaders because of organizational behavior and processes. For example, PepsiCo has a governance code of conduct and pre-

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