Organizational Excellence And Change At Walt Disney Company

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Client Organization 5 Client Organization Prepared by: Brittany Monroe, Michelle Kinyungu Latasha Plainer, and Queenie Jordan GM 504 Organizational Excellence and Change July 5, 2016 Unit 6: Team Assignment 1 Professor Barbara-Leigh Tonelli Introduction The Walt Disney Company plays and important role in the lives of many, through the services provided and a place where many people are employed. Understanding overall group dynamics are vital for continued improvement. It is important to note that group processes currently in place can influence individual behaviors thus resulting in the overall performance at the group level. Developing a favorable organizational context that is designed to enable the group to achieve its goals are paramount. Using the Action Model The Walt Disney Company will be able to focus on its organizational and group conditions to facilitate a high performing organization. Four conditions of central importance for continued improvement for the Walt Disney Company are: organizational context, group design and culture, outside help, and material and technical resources (Harrison, 2005). Given the complexities of these factors managing and approaching these conditions with caution are critical for sustaining the intentions of The Walt Disney Company, ?to be one of the leading producers and providers of entertainment and
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