Organizational Excellence And Change Of Walt Disney

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Prepared by: Brittany Monroe, Michelle Kinyungu,
Latasha Plainer, Queenie Jordan
June 20, 2016
Organizational Excellence and Change
Dr. Tonelli

Introduction Walt Disney was created by a man named Walter Elias Disney in Chicago, Illinois; he was an animator and motion picture producer. In 1923 they located to Los Angeles, California and he partner with his brother Roy in the Disney Bros Studio. ?Recently they have been called the paradigm of America and intolerance of a debaser of culture and have carried animation through the central figure in the history of animation. Walt Disney Company is a creative organizational structure, the Chairman and CEO Robert Iger, whom is the leader of nine senior executives with various roles and duties ranging from Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Product, Park and Recreations, ABC and ESPN and many more. Walt Disney organization includes 10 senior business leaders and 8 principal business unit directors and they are still working as a team.
Group Composition Group composition, structure, and technology can decisively shape individual, group, and organizational outcome (Harrison, 1999). For example, teams that are more heterogeneous on factors such as social background, education, and occupation are often more creative than more homogenous groups but can be less cohesive and satisfying to participants (Milliken and Martins, 1996).
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