Organizational Failure And Its Impact On Organizational Success

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There is great need to learn from failure and this cannot be overemphasized. Few organizations manage to do it well and the ones that manage to do it are few. In the past years, many corporations have failed with very few having attained success. Business and Management research has viewed organizational failure with no great regard to organizational success. Organizational failure is viewed with less significance or, as being complementary to research on the success of organizations. As reported by Ormerod (2005), a key feature to both human, social, and biological systems is failure. In her works, Amy (2011), found that many managers hold the belief that failing is not good. There is the belief that taking the lessons from failure is…show more content…
As reported by (Farazmand et al, 1995) the chaos theory is a great tool used to gain deeper understanding of the complex interaction between small events that may occur outside the organization’s monitoring scope and how these interactions impact affect the organization. Seeger (2002) noted that organizations operate in a complex climate and are constantly in a state of near failure where any minor event has the potential to plunge the organization into great catastrophe. Incremental disruptions in the business climate which result in serious failures are likened to the butterfly effect where one minor change or shift happens which leads to another change/shift and in the end, you have this major challenge which will most certainly end up with some sort of failure (Steward’s,1989). Considering the above, certain failures are because of small event or chain of events, within the organization or climate where the organization works in. Due to the negligible nature of the small events managers rarely notice them because they are not easily seen and by chance if they did find them they would ordinarily push them aside or ignore them all together. This view implies, that management is mostly unable to predict failure and are unable to deal with its causes. On the other hand, the sudden disruption process takes a sudden occurrence to causes the
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