Organizational Governance And Leadership ( Mgmt20131 )

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Organizational governance and leadership (MGMT20131)
Name of the student: Muda Bhargav Kumar
Student ID: s0283016

The following paper is mostly focused on the self-assessment of my organizational governance and leadership ability in keeping with development of integrated budget and planning system. The entire assessment includes the reflective practice of the leadership skills, research skills, analysis ability as well as problem solving skills in the practical context. The assessment paper greatly presents an opportunity to review the leadership topics. It reflects an experience in the leadership context at the time of working at DSS Consultancy. Moreover, the experience is properly analyzed for the identification of various challenges as well as the competency of the existing ideas. It also evaluates my emotional intelligence with the help of a useful questionnaire. Also, it also recommends the ways to strengthen the emotional intelligence. It also successfully discusses critique, use along with various aspects of emotional intelligence. Furthermore, it also compares the leadership experience with the literature. It discusses the probable influence of literature on my leadership style.

Evaluation of the leadership experience:
I have been assigned to lead the Southwest Region team for developing the integrated budget and planning system for the DSS consulting. At that time, I have experienced a very impressive experience regarding leading a diverse…
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