Organizational Growth Of Nike

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The world-renowned company known as Nike has surpassed many milestones in the clothing industry, and they are an overall unbelievable business in terms of sales. Nike was initially founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman (O'Reilly). This company originally started as Blue Ribbon Sports which was used as a distributor for the shoe retailer Asics (O'Reilly). Now it is a world-renowned fashion designer that makes more than 30 billion dollars in revenue per year, and they are still growing in sales by the month (Nike Hits $30 Billion in Revenue for Fiscal Year 2015). Clearly, Nike has experienced an exponential growth in size, revenue, employees, and locations since its original debut. That is just the beginning for what this illustrious fashion company has done not only to revolutionize the fashion industry but to completely reinvent activewear.…show more content…
First off, they opened the first Niketown department store in 1990. This store earned many awards for business and design which helped them grow as a retail store chain. Nike then started to sign popular athletes such as the Brazilian soccer team in 1994 and Tiger Woods in 1996 (History of Nike). This helped the company by licensing their goods out to teams and players, which turned them into a walking advertisement for Nike.In the midst of this growth, Nike released the Air Force Ones (iconic Nike shoe), “Shox” athletic technology, and they bought Converse for 305 million dollars (History of Nike). By securing these key investments and advancing their technology, they definitely were on track for success. Lastly, Nike signed NBA stars LeBron James in 2003 along with Carmelo Anthony to further increase their sales. (History of Nike). These superstar athletes helped the company’s sales by gaining more exposure, and they helped spread their company out to a significantly larger market of
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