Organizational IT Security and Troubleshooting Essay examples

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Security of a network is a huge issue with companies due to the sensitive information that the companies work with. One of the easiest ways of security the computer is to secure user accounts and people need to understand to never give out their passwords to anyone. Techs may ask for the user name to reset a person password but never give out the password. Social engineering activity lately has been increasing with attacker calling claiming to be an internet helpdesk or some sort of helpdesk. There are user authentication policies which can be created to help improve the network security. There are many password policies which can be set and enforced by Windows 7 or the network domain services which will help ensure the system is…show more content…
In this case, it would be more likely a person would reset the password when it expires to the same password because it would be easy to remember. By forcing unique password at each reset, the user has to come up with a new password. Another authentication policy which can be put into place to help improve security network is by using another form of security with a password such as smart card or biometrics. These are addition security to allow people to access the network. According to Kim & Solomon (2012), brute force attack is where the attacker tries different passwords on a system until one is successful usually by a software program, (Kim & Solomon, 2012). An attacker can use a brute force tool to get a person password but have a much harder time getting by the addition security of a smart card or biometrics. Some laptops come with biometrics scanner technology already installed and it would have to be setup. The biometrics normally is a finger print scanner. The smart card would be a cheaper alternative to the biometrics and uses a credit card like card with a computer chip to store information to authenticate people on the computer. If the user lost their smart card, it should be reported as soon as possible to get the card deactivated to prevent authorized entry by someone finding the card. In addition to authentication policies, training should be done with the employees to

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