Organizational Improvement Plan

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Organizational Improvement Plan Organizations need performance measures in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a laboratory. Performance measures are indicators that are used to gauge program performance. Performance measures can be either outcome or output measures. Outputs are the services an organization provides to other. In other words, a laboratory provides patients with testing and the results. An effective measurement system integrates initiatives, aligns organizational units and improves performance. Organizations need measures for three purposes, to drive strategies into action, to evaluate effectiveness of the actions, and to continuously improve processes.
By understanding how measurements will be used,
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The issue with quality reporting is that most of the metrics available focus on outcome and not necessarily process. While outcome is important it is the process that led to the successful outcome. The measurement of overall progress of a process can be determined by metric data. Financial status relating to cost savings and over expenditures can also be tracked using the data gathered from laboratory metrics. Although metrics is very time consuming, it would be the most effective way to monitor performance improvement in a laboratory. This method is the most thorough. The gathering and analysis of the data can be overwhelming, but the time is well worth it in order to save an organization money in the long run.
Information Technology Applications
Information technology has the potential to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. Drivers of investment in information technology include the promise of quality and efficiency gains. Barriers include the cost and complexity of implementation which usually facilitates changes in work processes.
Electronic Health Records
Although current quality measurement programs are a major advance, their ability to improve care is constrained by the time lagged nature of current measurement systems. Rather than waiting for data to be processed and reported through periodic quality reports, laboratories should have the capability of continuously analyzing their own performances in order to make

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