Organizational Issues

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Organizational Issues Pamela E. Williams ETH/316 August 13, 2012 Michelle Clark-Washington Organizational Issues There were two dilemmas presented in the ethics game .The first ethics dilemma was two employees Aaron and Jamal hacking into their company system. Both of the employees thought they were doing the right thing for different reasons. Aaron was hacking the company’s computer system because he felt that the company was hiding unethical practices that he felt the consumers who bought their product should know about. The second employee Jamal also felt the need or duty to hack in to the company’s computer system to prove who the person was that using sensitive material about the company in a blog. They both were acting out of a…show more content…
This was to hack into the system and determine who was stealing company information that no one outside of the company should know about. I was then given the task as to how the situation should be handled with both employees. I had to decide if both employees deserved the same discipline. Depending how you look at the two situations they were both wrong. Although one was trying to help the company, the other was trying to help the public which could damage the company. The question was which wrong out weighted the other wrong. I decided that both employees should be terminated, which was not exactly the best decision I was told at the end of the ethics game. The better decision would have been to terminated Aaron and reprimand Jamal. But I had to also make sure that everything I did would not make the company vulnerable to a lawsuit. It was determined that Jamal actions were on the based on the good of the company. But Aaron actions would eventually hurt the reputation of the company. In the ethics game I did learn that there are more than one solution to a problem and some times no solution is exactly the wrong one but the best one. We make decision something on what we feel are our duties and sometimes for the good. But no decision we make will everyone be
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