Organizational Leadership : An Organization 's Effectiveness And Productivity

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Leadership has a direct cause and effect relationship upon organizations and their success “Leading involves working with other systems, weather individuals, families, groups, organizations or communities.” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2009, p.73) Employees like to feel wanted and valued within the organization that they work for. Being viewed as a leader or as a go to person within an organization provides a sense of belonging and most employees tend to take pride in that recognition. Leaders hold the responsibility to train, develop and provide direction for an organization. Organizational leadership is the person or people established to oversee and have authority over a particular department within an organization. Good leadership can set the tone of the working environment, the company’s vision and expectations. Various leadership issues can arise in organizations that can cripple an organization’s effectiveness and productivity. Identifying and addressing the organizational issues is just the first step in resolving the issues and providing positive change. In this research paper I will point out three major issues that can hinder organizational leadership, one lack of communication, two inabilities to provide feedback and three ineffective leadership styles.

Recognizing the Challenges of Organizational Leadership from an employee’s prospective
Leadership constantly presents challenge to the leader 's abilities. Things change, and of course change brings challenge,
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