Organizational Leadership

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The aim is to steer the organization towards greater success.Due to the very nature of the organization, transformational leadership and multicultural leadership came out as the most suitable leadership styles to be adopted in the organization.

The concept of organizational leadership is one of the most widely discussed topics and literature in the context of organizational science and management. The last couple of decades has however seen leadership as a concept finding its way into organizational improvement literature as well as discussions (Coleman and Earley, 2005). Most importantly, there is a growing interest in the role played by strategic leadership plays in the running of organizations. The main center of focus however is the role of managers in the communication of organization, objectives and vision to the stakeholders and the alignment of organizational vision with the set organizational strategy as noted by Davies and Ellison (2003). In this paper, the leadership structure at Majis Industrial Services (Majis), an Omani government-backed provider of water services is appraised against the relevant organizational leadership theory and then recommendations…
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