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Organizational Leadership & Inter-Professional Team Development

Betty Cochrane

Western Governors University

June 5, 2014

Organizational Leadership & Inter-professional Team Development

I. Introduction

Patient and Family Centered care evolved a relationship that involved the patient and the family in the treatment, decisions and potential outcomes in their medical plans and care. The patient is encouraged to take part in every aspect of their treatment and is empirically empowered through education and understanding to make the best decisions possible in their care and management of their disease process. This evolution has moved the health professional into an open, honest,
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Due to this, we tend to have a large number of families staying with the patient population twenty four hours a day simply related to the total commute distances that they come. It is this setting the allows for the application of the patient and family centered care to permeate, become part of the ongoing culture and allow for a better outcomes through patient and family involvement in their care.

IV. Patient and Family-Centeredness The hospital has become very aggressive in providing patient centered care over the last three years allowing focus to shift from previous held policy to those of a shared influence in care practices. Upon entering the hospital, patients and their families are met in the main lobby and in the elevators with the core concepts of patient centered care: dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration are promoted through all aspects being practiced within the organization. Liberal visitor policies have been established which includes unlocking of the intensive care doors for easy access to families, unlimited visitation hours, families are encouraged to participate in the patient’s care and decision making at the patients consent, families are encouraged to stay and are provided with the comforts of home to make their stay in a compromising emotional situation as pleasant as possible. On admission the patient identifies their partner in
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