Organizational Leadership Task 3 Essay

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Health Utilization and Finance
Melissa Dorn
Organization Systems and Quality Leadership
Western Governors University

The United States and the United Kingdom have a lot of systems that are operated the same, such as their legislature and government operations, but the one difference is how they offer healthcare. The US healthcare system is an almost fully private system and the UK healthcare system is socialized. One may ask well what does this mean exactly. And the answer is that in the UK everyone has access to healthcare no matter how poor or rich they may be. The insurance is paid through taxation. In the US, the insurance is mostly private, which means that a person will have to pay for insurance premiums out of their pocket.
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There are different variations of this plan offered and it is broken down into 4 different parts, Medicare A, B, C and D. Medicare A is the plan that is used to cover hospital care, care in a skilled nursing facility and hospice services. Medicare type B is voluntary and requires a premium. This plan can be used for professional services such as doctors’ services, outpatient care and preventative services. Medicare C or the Medicare Advantage Plan offers plans through private companies that contract with Medicare. These plans provide managed Medicare part A and B benefits. Medicare D adds on prescriptions drug coverage. These plans are offered by insurance companies and other private companies that are approved by Medicare. This program isn’t a comprehensive type of plan because it relies on out of pocket expenses of participants.
Medicaid is a state funded plan that offers coverage for individuals that meet certain income criteria. Most people covered by this type of plan are children, the elderly, blind, and disabled person. Individuals that are unemployed may also be able to obtain this type of insurance coverage.
The Children’s Health Insurance Program offers insurance to children of families that earn too much money to be covered under Medicaid. In some instances pregnant women could also be covered under this plan. Covered children’s parents may still need to pay a premium and

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