Organizational Leadership and Performance Essay

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Leaders affect the general organizational performance and this can either be in a positive or negative manner. This is attributed to the fact that they are the ones whom in most cases set up the general guidelines that determine the conduct of their subjects. It is through these guidelines that they are able to effect change in their organizations. The process of decision making adopted by the leaders is therefore a vital determinant to how far the progress of a given organization will take place. The antidote to organizational problems is how to replace a leader when he leaves as the one opted for may not have the qualification desired and leadership values expected of that position. This is because when a new leader is appointed into…show more content…
This is because their knowledge of a given field is what makes a leader be successful in his position. The search for good leaders in an organization has been an ongoing process in institutions. The talent, skills and the physical characteristics possessed by an individual are a critical determinant to the level of success he is likely to bring about in the organization. It is through the possession of such traits that an individual is able to rise to the ladder of leadership. It should be noted that leadership and management go together and the success of one depends on how effective they work together. Leaders should be able to establish a clear vision, be able to communicate the vision to their subjects and be able to solve conflicts among various individuals who are responsible for ensuring the vision is a success. Through leadership you should be able to manage and coordinate the various economic resources that are available in ensuring performance. By doing this, the leader is able to set the tone for their organization hence helping the members to be able to accomplish the mission (Kickul & Neuman, 2010). They should set up policies and guidelines should be set up as this will give the organization the ability to remove the underperforming employees from the company. Not all leadership styles will qualify in a given organization has every style has its own impact on the level of performance. It is
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