Essay on Organizational Management

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Normally Organizational change is about the important major changes in an organization such as adding or inclusion of a major new product or services in production as well into the market. It contradicts minor changes within an organization like adoption of new computer software. To make these changes clear, the approach should be made in view from different dimensions.
The first type of these changes is the organization-wide verses subsystem change. Organization-wide focuses on major changes in terms organizational structure, collaboration and adjusting to the right size. It is usual for organizations to undertake this change as they go through different stages. For instance, cultural changes are some of the major changes realized in any
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Motivation is the readiness to put forth elevated efforts in a bid achieve organizational goals and aims accustomed by the capability to assure some individual needs. In itself, it is an internal psychological process of starting, energizing, directing and having to maintain both the directed behavior. This internal process may be initiated or just influenced by what other people in your surrounding do. Motivation still is a cognitive decision making process through which the individuals choose desired outcomes, and sets in motion action appropriate for the achievement.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is one of the content theories of motivation that assumes people’s motivation that is influenced by a series of five universal needs. These needs are ranked according to the order in which they influence human behavior. Lowest in satisfaction are the physiological needs such a food, shelter, clothing and education. We then have society needs –protection, social needs comprising of religious, association, relationships needs. Next in hierarchy are the esteem needs which are internal esteemed and external esteem, then top most is the self actualization. According to Maslow, one can only motivate employees after having a clear understanding of where that person falls in the hierarchy and thus the focus should be on satisfying the needs at or above him. According to
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