Organizational Management Task 2

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Emily Wadman Organizational Management Task 2 A1. The Utah Symphony and the Utah Opera have combined into one company. Anne Ewers is the new leader of the combined companies. This paper will help her in the development of a new strategy to look at the success of the merge. The Utah Symphony is a group II orchestra. This is based on the level of expenditures every year. In the year of 2001-2002 the average expenses were around 8.8 million for group II orchestras. The Symphony spend around $12.2 million for that year. The Utah Symphony was in the top orchestras in the United States. Even though the symphony had a lot of money the financial state was declining. The musicians were part of a union. They were negotiating their…show more content…
For the organization to stay at a good strong financial state Anne should be proactive and keep fundraising and look for good funding in other areas. If this merge goes through it will help in a lot of ways. Performances will increase and help attendance sales go up. The leadership in the Opera is doing very well also. Anne started with the Opera and has many accomplishments throughout the years. Anne was the general director of Boston Lyric Opera and received a $450,000 debt. She also built an endowment fund when she was there. She was the assistant director of the San Francisco Opera and the Canadian Opera Company. She has been involved in over 60 opera productions. She has past experiences of being successful with fundraisers. The Opera and the Symphony both have a very high admiration for her. Anne has a very strong leadership and with this she will have lots of insight on how to address situations as they come up. Leslie Peterson is the daughter of Glade Peters, the founder of the Opera. She disagrees on the direction of management. Anne needs to make sure the merge goes smoothly in order to meet her needs. She could meet with her and explain the plans for the merge. She can also say that her father will still remain as the foundation of the organization. She could also promote or hire someone new in order to replace Peterson. Someone coming in with a positive attitude can change the whole out look on the
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