Organizational Management and Operations Essay

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Organizational Management and Operations
Keith W. Porter
CJA/484 Criminal Justice Administration Capstone
Jamie Herring
May 6, 2012 As of 2008, there are approximately 765,000 personnel employed as sworn officers in local and state law enforcement agencies throughout the United States (BJS, 2011) with an additional 105,000 law enforcement personnel in approximately 65 federal agencies as of 2004 (BJS, 2006). Law Enforcement agencies function at all levels of the government: local, state, and federal with many similarities and differences in their day-to-day operations, each responsible for specific duties and functions. These agencies have the formidable task of protecting the United States from foreign
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Whether elected to their perspective office, or appointed by the mayor of the municipality, management of most local agencies is the responsibility of a Chief of Police. Along with the sworn officers within their agency, each chief has a staff of support personnel, which may include detectives, correctional personnel, dispatchers, and administrative personnel. Crime Prevention, community relations, community services, maintaining records, and internal affairs are just some of the support entities that may be found within the local agencies. If the municipality is large enough to support the budgetary requirements, the agency may also employ laboratory and forensic specialists, such as Crime Scene Investigators. State and local agencies differ in respect to the resources they have available to them, their budgetary resources, and jurisdictions. The larger municipalities generally has the budgetary means to provide some of the support staff needed to conduct their investigations and law enforcement activities within their own departments; but the smaller cities, towns, and villages that cannot provide the support services needed can use those of the state agencies. At the state level, the agencies have the jurisdiction to perform law enforcement along

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