Organizational Management and Operations Paper

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Organizational Management And Operations Paper Team A
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Dwayne Carr
April 27, 2015 Organizational Management and Operations Paper
While the criminal justice system can be viewed as on whole entity, there are different levels of organization. Within these different organizational levels comes varying degrees of functionality. The three organizational levels include local, state, and federal police functions. Each of which are responsible for certain aspects pertaining to the criminal justice organization. As the organizational levels progress, the functionality and responsibility of each grows. Each level has a little more power than the one
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Unlike municipal police agencies, state police are responsible for mainly enforcing the laws on highways outside of communities Take the California Highway Patrol these officers assist motorists, clear traffic scene, help aid in emergency situations, and also sometimes help aid local law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects. State police officers are also responsible for crimes that do not fall under local jurisdiction of other agencies. Jurisdiction can be one road between two towns or in-between a major highway (Reid, 2014). State police are the backbone of the major highways that connect towns and cities and local police work within those towns and cities to support the law. So what to federal police do?
Federal police are several agencies working to together to combat crime that affects the country as a whole. Federal police function to enforce the United States Code. For example federal police assist with interstate commerce issues, interstate criminal activities, terrorism, international crimes, and assist state and local police also.
Unlike state agencies federal law enforcement is less likely to respond to a highway traffic accident. Unlike local agencies federal police are not going to enforce local municipal codes on disturbing the peace. Federal police functions are similar to state and federal agencies because they each have a common
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