Organizational Need For A Pmo

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Organizational Need for a PMO Cryolife has established strategic goals to build and expand the business in order to ensure the success of the organization. The strategic plan that has been developed is primarily focused on four areas of growth within cardiac surgery products (Cryolife, 2016c). These growth vectors include: • New products – The organization intends to expand growth with the release of new products, including On-X heart valve, PhotoFix, and Per Clot; • New Indications – Expansion of reach for the company’s products, including the new products listed above, through new or expanded regulatory approvals within the United States and international markets; • Global expansion – The organization seeks to expand the company globally into international and emerging markets through sales in order to accelerate growth; • Business development – and Cryolife will selectively discern opportunities to potentially acquire, obtain licensure, or distribution rights of technologies or other organizations that complement existing product or services that support the expansion within cardiac surgical product and service lines (Cryolife, 2016c). All of the above growth vectors will require the organization to implement multiple projects within the next fiscal year. In order to maintain quality and adhere to regulatory standards, it is essential that the organization develop a PMO division to oversee the process. In order for Cryolife to attain the strategic goals listed
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