Organizational Overview of Fedex

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Question 1 The competition is high in regards to transportation and logistics industries. One of the world's top shipping companies is FedEx. Some of its organizational goals include adding high value to all shareholders, including customers and employees, as well as providing logistics needs for companies around the globe in a fast and cost effective manner. In order to meet these goals, the company must set standards to adhere to in regards to evaluating and measuring performance. There are a number of standards that will help evaluate FedEx's goals, but three in particular stand out and can utilize professional tools to help measure performance against these set standards. A standard set for financial success can be done through keeping note of profit margins in order to push the company towards a greater profit or give respect to employees when the company is on track to meet financial goals. Essentially, in regards to standards, "if the measure for the element is numeric, determine the range of numbers that would represent fully successful performance" (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2012). This means that in order to evaluate the goal of adding value, FedEx should determine what profit margins are most desired, what are just acceptable, and which ones clearly show a need for improvement. For this, the tool of benchmarking would be an appropriate tool to measure performance in relation to the standard set. Benchmarking uses performance metrics in order to test
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