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Organizational Structure Paper Mark Simpson MGT/230 May 24, 2012 Professor Jonathan Green Organizational Structure Paper The organizational structure of the Cheesecake Factory demonstrates how organizational function, and organizational design can lead to having a successful franchise. “The company operates 150 upscale casual dining restaurants under the “Cheesecake Factory “brand“ (Datamonitor, 2011). The company utilizes point of sale cash register system to maintain financial and accounting controls in restaurants (Datamonitor, 2011). The company is known for the variety of flavors in cheesecakes, and also offers a wide selection of food to choose from in their daily menu’s. Structure The Cheesecake factory utilizes…show more content…
Another aspect of its success is how it functions is in the human resources department. The company has been recognized for being innovative and effective for its stay interviews and manager certification programs (Ruggles, 2011). “"Their turnover rates for both management and hourly employees were among the lowest in their industry segment,? said Joni Doolin, founder of the People Report, a research firm and sponsor of the conference along with Black Box Intelligence, another research firm” (Ruggles, 2011). Instead of performing exit interviews the company utilizes stay interviews designed to improve working conditions to impress upon employees to stay. In order to efficiently monitor sales and inventory the company utilizes a Point of Sale(POS) system as items are rang up in the register providing at real time key spending and income factors. Organizational Design The company is geographically located in most major united states locations. It employs a hierarchal organizational design. One of the contributing factors to its success is the company’s success in providing a dining experience for its customers that excel in choices, price, customer service, and serving size. The company is known world-wide for its delicious cheesecakes with the key factor being the variety. Conclusion The Cheesecake Factory stands out as a full service restaurant, being much younger than Burger King, and
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