Organizational Performance And The Perfect Leadership Style Within The Organization

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providing flexibility to the designers so that they can work more positively within the organization and thus improve efficiency that lead to the re-invention of the organization. 3.1.2 Leadership In simple words, leadership is the power and skill of leading. If we describe elaborately, leadership is something powerful instrument an individual possess to lead other individual, organization, group or team (McShane and Von Glinow, 2000). Leaders have the ability to lead other people that are done by directing, motivating, encouraging and driving people to work. There are several types of leadership that includes- • Laissez-Faire • Autocratic • Participative • Transactional • Transformational The motive and culture of the organization sets the stage for the perfect leadership style within the organization. Besides, a combination of different leadership style is practiced within one organization in order to fulfill the requirements of different departments. 3.1.3 Organizational Performance Organizational Performance refers to the performance of the organization in terms of the set goals and objectives. Among different aspects of organization, organizational performance is the crucial one. It measures the effectiveness of the results the organization achieved compared to the activities done to attain the goal of the organization (Mobley, Li and Wang, 2011). The organizational performance can be explained as the combination of four basic terms- • Financial Performance • Market
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