Organizational Performance Essay

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Airdevils Inc. is an aerial stunts firm established by Celsey Evans. She started the company by herself until four of her colleagues joined her in 1996. These five individuals make up Airdevils Inc. upper management team. Currently, Airdevils Inc. has 115 employees. Within the last two years Airdevils Inc. has began to suffer from a lack of employee and customer satisfaction. The company provided a breakdown of four phases the company is trying to work on and they are primary cause of low job satisfaction, steps to improve job satisfaction, forming a stunt consulting team, and alleviating stress felt by the support crewmembers. Celsey hired the Dream Teamworks to come in and assist with identifying the causes of low satisfaction and…show more content…
Lastly, the fourth major phase for the company was identifying and alleviating stress for the support crewmembers. A survey was done and the top four reasons of stress for the crewmembers were they are unable to handle some of the physical stress related to the job, job security, time being spent on the job and not at home i.e. not enough flexibility, commuting to and from work, and the stunt performers lack of respect for the crewmembers. To me, the solutions were obvious. I suggested Celsey implement relaxation training to teach the crewmembers how to deal with and alleviate stress, software training to help the crewmember become more comfortable with the system therefore taking away the fear of them losing their job. Furthermore, by making changes to the team-this would alleviate the lack of respect felt by the crewmembers because they would be working alongside someone they are comfortable with, providing transportation to crewmembers instead of just stunt workers will alleviate the stress of getting to and from work, establishing a code of conduct within the company will set a standard for the company for every employee to adhere to. Lastly, allowing for a more flexible schedule so the employees will be able to spend more time doing the things they need to get done in their personal life. The results of these choices showed that by making these improvements the level of stress on
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