Organizational Performance Of The Amc

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Prior to the arrival of Andy Falender, there were three prominent problems plaguing the organizational performance of the AMC. These problems consisted of: 1) the decentralization of decision making to the local chapters, 2) the financial stability of the organization, and 3) the growth of the organization. These problems presented themselves as troublesome for the organization, hindering its ability to perform accordingly. Looking first at the problem of decentralization of the decision making process, the organization was based in Boston where both club and council meetings were held; however, as the AMC grew, there was an increase in the formation of local chapters extending from New York, to Maine. While these chapters produced…show more content…
Despite the benefits of having organizational goals, the concept in itself includes complications. Rianey (2014) suggests that the complications include “that goals are always multiple.” Due to the number of goals an organization may have, research indicates that differing goals is quite common amongst organizations. In the AMC’s case, the separation between the national and individual chapters have created the appearance that the organization as a whole has a number of goals, although more likely than not these goals are more associated with an individual chapter. Rainy (2014) argues that these differing goals often times create goal conflicts within an organization, leading to organizational ineffectiveness. With this in mind, it is quite clear to see the ways that the organization can be impacted by the multitude of organizational goals impacting the ability of the organization to be impactful. The second problem plaguing the AMC was their inability to remain financially stable. Unlike the financial growth and stability the individual chapters were receiving, the national organization “faced significant financial problems [which resulted] in a major projected budget deficit.” To attempt to solve this problem, the AMC “resorted to taking out substantial loans”, but had cash flow problems [that] were leading to frequent delays in paying bills when
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