Organizational Performance Within The Global Realm

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Organizational performance within the global realm has been studied and refined to meet the mission, vision, and the desired profitability. Over the past ten years, there have been great strides in determining both the positive and negative aspects of organizational diversity success. These strides have led the efforts in discovering how to influence and hold the workforce differences while advancing the organization. The search has led to the agreement that one overwhelming organizational behavior will successfully move the bottom line faster and in a positive global direction. Devoting the appropriate assets to diversity and diversity programs, the financial leaps will inevitably bring positive changes (Jayne & Dipboye, 2004). These…show more content…
Having an appropriately applied diversity program brings change to the multicultural societies where the workforce is selected. Being globally diverse in the workforce is the most ethical and appropriate behavioral aspect an organization may initiate (Jayne & Dipboye, 2004). Discussion The initiation of diversity programs within any organization will prove beneficial in many ways. Over half of the Fortune Five-Hundred companies have already implemented productive programs with lasting global effects. These companies have inclusive programs that have paved their way toward global prosperity. Other organizations may take advantage of the same success provide specific behaviors are followed. Behaviors that will increase profitability in diversity include: (1) diversity in executive and board representation; (2) two or more women and or minorities among its highest-paid executives; (3) companies use specific language about a desire for diversity; and (4) family-friendly benefits like flexible work, adoption assistance, and domestic partner benefits are the initial steps to a viable program. The first behavior the organization may take to initiate a diversity program includes the Executive and Board Representation. Diversity in Executive and Board Representation Diverse programs significantly increased the number of women who sat on corporate
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