Organizational Planning And Decision Making

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In modern society a bureaucracy is defined as any system or government where important decisions are made by state appointed officials as opposed to elected officials. In the 1930’s, a German sociologist named Max Weber coined the term bureaucracy as an ideal way of organizing governmental agencies relating to civil service. A bureaucracy represents a governmental hierarchy in which a large number of people effectively work together towards a common goal. Weber’s belief on bureaucracies quickly spread to private organizations as an effective way to organize businesses as well. According to Max Weber, the main characteristics of a bureaucracy include six main principles. The first is that a bureaucracy is a formal hierarchy where an…show more content…
Specialists are typically grouped by their specialty, the type of work they do. This may allow for more efficiency and increased results. The mission is also a very important principle of a bureaucracy. Weber described two types of missions; in-focus and up-focus. If the organization’s mission is an in-focus mission, the mission serves the organization and the people within the organization. The focus is on achieving high profits. If the organization’s mission is categorized as up-focus then the organization’s focus is to serve the agency that runs it, such as the board of directors or stock holders. The bureaucracy operates on the belief that all people within the organization are to be treated equally. The organization does not recognize individual differences. Even people outside the organization, such as customers, are to be treated equally. The organization does not recognize individual differences and purposefully remain impersonal. The last of Weber’s principles is that employment in an organization is based on qualifications. Employees are not arbitrarily selected and hired. They must meet technical qualifications that are outlined at each level. A bureaucracy is thought to have many positive aspects. Although many think the red tape that bureaucracies create is a negative aspect, it can also be a positive aspect. Red tape refers to the paperwork that is required to complete a task within a bureaucratic organization. By having
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