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Organizational Planning Paper Lucionda Garnett MGT/521 April 16, 2014 Mr. W. Eric Hogan Organizational Planning Paper In the last few years, the economic stability in the American society has been at an unprecedented low. Throughout the recession, it has become fairly challenging for various companies and organizations to remain significant, successful, and profitable during this time. Although most companies are experiencing problematic times, there are other companies in spite of their down falls,…show more content…
They provide customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items as diverse as paints, clothes and packaging (James & James, 1995). Internal and External Stakeholders The daily tasks and functions of British Petroleum are affected considerably by both internal and external factors. The internal factors are those that deal with the organization directly, such as; employees, investors, suppliers, personnel, competitors, and the establishment’s values and Culture. External factors are those impacts that come from outside the business, such as the economy, consumer demand, demographics, technology, and globalization. Effective management on all levels of BP’s organization, are those individuals that recognize these influences and can work with the passion and drive, and communicate clearly to carry out the company’s organizational goals efficiently and effectively. Communication is the process of understanding and having meaning (Du Pre, 2005.) and it is also the process of relaying information between people by the use of words, letters, symbols, or body language (Sallee & Forrest, 2005). British Petroleum’s goals, mission, and vision. British Petroleum’s goal, mission, & vision is all in the same, and that is to be a focused oil and gas company that delivers value over volume. In other
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