Organizational Power in Stryker Essay

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Power is defined as the capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B so B acts in accordance with A’s wishes (p.198). Being a collaborative organization, Stryker’s power resides in four key teams: accounting, human resources management, information technologies management, and a cross functional team known as the steering committee. Power resides within these teams because they control the things that the organization needs to function. The relationships that these teams have with the organization are based upon dependence, these departments can influence the distribution of resources in the organization. These teams exercise their power to help the organization generate a profit, respond to changes, to limit the number of errors,…show more content…
Human resources personnel like Dena have the power to determine who can join the organization, appraise their performance, and approve their promotions. Human resources personnel garner their power by gathering information concerning personnel, comparing it to the outlined corporate expectations and making suggestions to the personnel concerning how they can close any gaps between actual performance and expected performance.
The information technologies management team oversees the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data at Stryker. Today the organization is becoming more and more dependent on technology, so a team member like Alberto Vera has the ability to make decisions concerning such technologies and can make the company more viable and efficient. The software, programming, database, networking, web, and hardware specialists make it possible for Stryker to transfer online data efficiently. And anyone that can increase organizations efficiency can also derive power from this expertise.
The steering committee at Stryker is a cross-functional team. A cross functional team is a group of people from the same hierarchical level with different functional expertise who come together to accomplish a task (p.151). The steering committee members include: engineers, accountants, marketers, operations personnel,
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