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Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues Paper People from a distinguish era in America currently have authority. These individuals have the authority to modify legislators, large corporations, politics, pharmaceutical, and health care. This era of distinguished people in America are acknowledged as the Baby Boomers. This era of Americans consist of 78 million infants entering the world between 1946 and 1964. World War II came to a halt in 1945 and soldiers returned home with intentions of bonding his or her family relationship and locate employment as a means to provide financial support for his or her family. Bonding with his or her family came about in a form of expansion more women were pregnant resulting…show more content…
People have concerned that phenomenal expansion of America’s senior population will create a challenge for the government assistance programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Another group of people are concerned the Boomers have the potential to agitate the economy as they indulge in spending a phenomenal portion of his or her assets at the same time. Boomers imprint is on every stage of American life he or she has passed through, and anticipation of seniors years will duplicate. Baby Boomers seek out youthful in his or her habits, priorities, and pursuits. In the eagerness to honor the image each earned acknowledged as the generation who represent youth. Boomers with the assistance of marketers, have established a youth-oriented consumer frame of mind that have proven challenging to alter. It is apparent Baby Boomers failed to devise a strategy as a means to exit from his or her youthful role, Marketers and others ponder what to expect from the boomers as he or she entered the old people stage. According to the Census Bureau, the number of Americans over 65 is anticipated to double to 78 million. The demographic leap has caused a variety of predictions from unbearable strains on entitlement programs, and the federal budget, to a decline in the stock and

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