Organizational Security Loss Control and Prevention

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Security is one of the fundamental pillars of any organization. As such, all threats to staff members must be taken seriously and dealt with in an expeditious manner that reduces the amount of potential danger facing them (Capozzoli, 2002). My initial reaction to a staff member being threatened would be to hold an individual meeting with him or her so I could ascertain the exact nature of the threat who issued it, via what means, and for what reason. After obtaining as much information as possible about the threat I would then call an organization-wide meeting (possibly by department, depending on the size of the organization) in which I would frankly tell employees about the aforementioned threat while respecting the privacy of the individual who encountered the threat. During that meeting I would also ensure the employees that the organization would be substantially beefing up security in the wake of the recent events, and provide them the details. Those details would initially involve augmenting the perimeter defenses. Depending on the funds available, I would employ daytime security guards to continuously monitor the headquarters of the organization in while walking on patrols. Additionally, I would also employ a building monitor personage downstairs in the lobby section of the building, whose job it would be to assiduously monitor the identification of individuals who are walking in and out of our building. I would explain that doing so might be a hassle for the first
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