Organizational Strategies : Global Level Strategy

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Organizational strategies are tactics and objectives used by an organization to achieve a wide array of company goals that ultimately increase profitability. A company’s organizational strategies can allow them to uphold their core competencies and achieve competitive advantages. There are four major types of organizational strategies: global level strategy, corporate level strategy, business level strategy, and functional level strategies. Each type of organizational strategy serves its own purpose and encourages its own end result. Global level strategy is using global level marketing campaigns in order to become a presence on a global scale. This includes creating and acquiring a product base that is marketable around the world, while…show more content…
Internal changes can include, but are not limited to creating a proprietary product or process, reducing costs, and partnering with other organizations. What makes a company unique is more formally referred to as a core competency. Together, core competencies coupled with competitive advantages can elevate an organization’s brand recognition and overall success. Coca-Cola is one of many beverage manufacturers in a highly competitive beverage market that contains several sectors. In order to develop competitive advantage on a corporate level Coca-Cola had to find a way to stand out from their competitors. They managed to formulate a unique bottle with a contoured shape for their beverage, so they would stand out against their competition (Feloni, 2016). The contoured bottle shape was trademarked in 1977 and is still successfully used today to market the Coca-Cola brand (The Coca-Cola Company, 2017). To further distinguish themselves from their competitors the organization used a distinctive font for their brand logo. The logo has remained the same and like the bottle shape is still used today to market the brand. Branding is a major core competency of the Coca-Cola Company; no other beverage company has designed a bottle or logo as imaginative as that of Coca-Cola. Their branding is the reason they have flourished and become the largest beverage organization in the world.
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