Organizational Strategy And Decision Making

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Organizational Strategy and Decision Making Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 What is strategy? 2 2.1 Identify the strategic position 3 2.2 Making strategy choices 4 2.3Strategy programming 5 2.4IKEA’s strategy management 7 2.4.0Brief introduction of IKEA 7 2.4.1SWOT analysis of IKEA 7 7 8 9 9 2.4.2 IKEA’s strategies 10 IKEA 's differentiation strategy 10 IKEA 's low-cost strategy 12 Conclusion 14 Recommendations 15 References 16 1.0 Introduction IKEA, which is a famous furniture company in Swedish has dominated in furnishing market for many years. Its success delis on its strategies in large part. This report is trying to analyze IKEA’s strategies on the basis of related literature. 2.0 What is strategy? Henry Mintzberg has defined the definition of strategies in academic ways and in practice in 1988. After examing the strategic process, he found that it was more unpredictable than early thoughts. Thus, it couldn’t refer to one process that be called strategic planning. Instead of that, he concludes the following five types :(1)Strategy as plan – a directed course of action to achieve an intended set of goals; similar to the strategic planning concept;(2)Strategy as pattern – a consistent pattern of past behavior, with a strategy realized over time rather than planned or intended. Where the realized pattern was different from the intent, he referred to the strategy
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