Organizational Strategy And Hr Activities At The King Company

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Introduction Throughout this case I will attempt to explain old methodology of doing business with your human resources and other staff components has changed. No longer will any organization try to create a compelling vision without its tools, resources, and staff components gainfully employed to obtain the overall goal. One team, one fight if our subordinates fail then we fail as leaders. I will explore relationships between staff sections, developing strategic activities, preventing a fraudulent atmosphere, and improving communications with human resources. Let’s get started by discussing how the King’s Company relations amongst its staff sections.
Current Relationship among Staff Elements and Human Resources During this portion of the case study I will try to define the current connection between organizational strategy and HR activities at The King Company. The current relationship between the King Company and Staff departments lacks structure, trustworthiness, and leadership. This is evident by reviewing the e-mails, lack of professionalism, and unfortunate management. Throughout module one we have learned strategically planning and ensuring human resources is a part of the plan from the beginning to execution phase. Old school drill meant leaders making the plan and making it happen without any involvement from human resources. Human resources primary function was to hire new employees, process paperwork, and oversee finance operations. With modern…
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