Organizational Strategy For A Successful Business

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A successful business is made up of various parts so it is imperative that managers develop the right mix of objectives and personnel if they want to have a fighting chance to survive in today’s global economy. An up-and-coming business starts with strategic, operational and tactical plans developed by top executives and other managers. These plans define what the company will accomplish and how they are going to achieve it. Effective leaders know a plan is only as strong as the people they have to do the work. Bosses cannot be the worker, front-line supervisor and senior management all at once. They have to rely on their workforce to get the job done. Managers establish a business plan and then, they turn their focus on the resources required to realize their goals. The most critical resource is their labor force. Organizational strategy is only effective if managers develop a human resources plan that specifies the appropriate manpower needed to run an effective business. An organizational plan defines the purpose of a company, but a business is lifeless without its people. In order to hire, train, and promote a quality talent pool, managers in a large firm will turn to a Human Resource manager or personnel manager to find potential candidates (Plunkett, Allen & Attner, 2013). Just like most functions within an organization, there is a process for staffing that is made up of eight elements. The eight elements of the staffing process include human resource
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