Organizational Strategy Of Lincoln Electric

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Lincoln Electric is one of the leading producers and manufacturers of Arc Welding Products and Electric Motors. It is undeniable that the success of Lincoln Electric lies on the foundation of the various company policies introduced by James Lincoln.

Organizational Strategy

Lincoln Electric had a unique organizational strategy with numerous creative ideas. First, to keep and better motivate its employees, the company implemented a special incentives system which effectively distributed profits inside the firm. These incentive “were expressions of mutual respect for each person’s importance to the job to be done” (Lincoln, 1961, p. 11).
Then, the annual bonus element was also very important since the employees were awarded in accordance with
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It is the world’s largest manufacturing company that primarily makes welding products. It has also become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of arc welding equipment since World War II. The company’s organizational culture and philosophy is still consistent and continues to persist. Lincoln’s culture and philosophy has made it remain successful over the years. The company’s approach to motivate employees is both simple and unwavering. It has built a condition that that fosters individual growth, continual improvement, and productivity and has implemented a clever incentive…show more content…
The company passion for development has motivated it to apply the various advancement in technology to create complete solutions that enable their clients to be more productive and successful. Lincoln Electric is in business to satisfy its customers because the customers enable the organization to attain it goals. The company understands that the consumers are essential for the growth of any business hence, they are the source which the accomplishment of the corporation rests
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