Organizational Strategy

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“Organization Plan & Management Team” The company that I have been working on opening in my hometown is called Little Rascal’s Resale. Although it is a large dream of mine to grow the company into a nationally recognized franchise; it is understood that the company will start with just one location. The one company will have simple make up that will only need five to seven employees. The employees will consist of a president and CEO, a general manager, a team manager, and two to four entry level store employees. The amount of employees is a small number but, as the store grows the number of employees that the store will need will grow as well. With a small amount of employees it is vital that all the employees must always…show more content…
Little Rascal’s Resale is the only company that takes products from the consumer in trade for cash or store credit. Customers recognize the competitive pricing and the core values of the company and this makes them value creating. At this point there is not a corporate level strategy for the company since it is a small business that is privately owned. As time passes the company will expand and recreate a staffing procedure to ensure that all aspects of the business are covered by a member of the staff. I believe that the organizational plan for Little Rascal’s Resale is one of simplicity that is definitely capable of ensuring success for the company as it starts. This organizational plan is supposed to represent the first three to five years of the company. By year five the expansion plan and corporate plan will be created and implemented. References Cost Leadership Strategy. (n.d.). Cost Leadership Strategy. Retrieved June 1, 2014, from Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (1999). Strategic management: competitiveness and globalization (3rd ed.). Cincinnati: South-Western College Pub.. The McKinsey 7S Framework: Ensuring That All Parts of Your Organization Work in Harmony. (n.d.). The McKinsey 7S Framework. Retrieved May 30, 2014, from
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