Organizational Strength And Health Care Delivery

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An organizational strength is that the hospital has the leadership in place to formulate strategic plans. The hospital has CEO, CFO, CMO and COO and other executives to assist with the success of the hospital. The CEO can enlist the expertise of these leaders to discuss a plan of action that will allow the hospital to succeed in the new market of health care delivery. The ability to develop strategies is cited by the American Management Association as “the most important competency for a leader” to master (Horwath, 2015, p.10). Another organizational strength is that the hospital has employed fine physicians and nurses that are able to provide quality care. Physicians and nurses are key players in providing quality care to patients. It is important for both physicians and nurses to have good relationships with patients. Patients are the consumer and in order for patients to want to return to a provider, they must like the provider and feel satisfied with the providers. Another organizational strength is that the organization is a for-profit organization. Therefore, it can make its own decisions on how to address the competition to stay a strong competitor. It does not have to be concerned with the limits that non-profit organizations do. For-profit organizations can become strong leaders in a very competitive health care market. The hospital believes in using its resources to stand out. They have a state- of- the- art ED. A lot of time and money and other resources
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