Organizational Structure And Culture Of Apple And Sausung Company

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Introduction- Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electrics and computer software products. The best well-known hardware product are the Macintash line of computers, the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone. As of August 2011, Apple is the largest company in the world by market capitalization and therefore, also the most valuable technology company in the world, a head of Microsoft.
Task 1.1 -By looking these paragraphs, you can easily see the different between organizational structure and culture of Apple company and Sausung company.
Organizational sturctrue and culture of Apple Company Apple’s organizational structure is one of the best sturctrue in business. This carries to the company’s
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A company’s organizational culture determines capabilities in supporting changes, new policies and new strategies. In apple’s company, employees are effectively developed in organizational culture that facilitate rapid innovation. That innovation display products of iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. When the company has bad organizational culture, the company may have many damage and gets lost from business. That’s why organizational culture is also important for a company to be successful. Apple’s organizational culture has the necessary characteristics to ensure the company’s leading position in the market. However, this organizational culture also present some challenges to Apple in ptimizing its human…show more content…
The cultures of Samsung may be 3 or more. But you can understand easily by reading these facts.
-Samsung says “We draw a strict line between public and private affairs in all business activities”.This means when the interest of the company and individual conflict, the legitimate interests of the company shall take precedence. If there is conflict between public and private, they will take a strict line for all over like fair decision or fair problems. They do not tolerate the appropriation of company assets or the use of company influence for personal gains. They do not allowsecurities transactions based on insider trading.
-Second one is “We protect our intellectual property and respect that of others”. This means they don’t release any internal intellectual property or make public classified information withour permission or approval. And they respect the intellectual property of others company by avoiding information such as copying, distributin or use withour permission.
The last one is “We create a healthy organizational atmosphere”. This means They must create a better organizational culture for the whole company. They can do everything with unity and stability of employees. And they establish win-win labor-management relations based on mutual trust and open

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