Organizational Structure And The Organization

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Organizations are founded on the basis that they want to accomplish a goal. Organizations differ from one another in various ways, and that is stated in their mission and vision statement as well as their goals. Every organization has a set pattern that helps to establish the structure on which it will accomplish the goal of the business. According to Prodanciuc, organizational structure is the fundamental concept that helps the organization be organized and administrated. The organizing takes place at the beginning of the organization’s existence and it means providing everything that is needed for it to function. It composes of three interconnected components. To begin, it is important to make certain the economic support for the organization is appropriate, and that it is capable of sustaining its existence. Next, the social component helps create and defined the organization’s staff and human resources. This normally has a formal structure. Meaning that there’s a set of hierarchical or pyramidal blueprint, ensuring the relationship between front line and corporate employees are established as a stated in framework of the organization. Finally, the informational circuit is put in place to help solidify the leadership and that information is distributed as stated in the organization’s framework (Prodanciuc, 2012).
Types of Structure
There are several organizational structures that can be used in an organization, however there some basic principle that applies despite of…
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