Organizational Structure As A Road Map Essay

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Every organization has its own defined chain of command where it’s structured in a unique way depending of what kind of organization it is. Organizations uses its structure as a road map which ensures that the organizations operations lead to its goals, objectives. The definition provided for organizational structure by the business dictionary (2015) is “the typical hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, and rights of duties of an organization. Organizational structure determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated.” When individuals are creating an organization an important thing to consider is that its structure should be created from an early stage thereby, helping define this chain of command. Job descriptions need to be well defined to not only help meet the organizations goals, but to also ensure that its employees can grow. When employees know who to report to within the organization performance can be increased since correct chain of command is being adhered to. Therefore, a good organization structure within a conducive environment would be a good and positive motivator for any employee since they will experience support, cooperation which ultimately leads to profound job satisfaction. In this particular organizational chart one finds the highest ranking member to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who with the help of the hospitals administrator, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and
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