Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure By: Brian G. Nordmann August 24, 2004 With every business that wants to grow and be profitable comes the inevitable, and that is change. Change is part of any organization be it a religious, educational, familial or our work environment. Without change we would not have walked on the moon, broken Olympic records or even have on-line classrooms. Change is not the challenge; it is managing that change as individuals that may be detrimental to the organization. Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist, developed a change model that can help us understand the necessity for change and how to manage it a little better. Kreitner – Kinicki describes Lewin's change model as (2003) "a three-stage model of planned…show more content…
The three external drivers for change were identified as: The need to meet strategic system integration market place, competitive pressure and market share along with customer needs / wants. These internal and external drivers set the "possible" need for change, however, the vision and implementation is a whole other story. Before the vision can be realized, we must first develop strategy and action steps to move us along our journey. But before any journey begins, we must map our path as best as possible; we do this by understanding the probable obstacles that lay before us. As leaders we must anticipate and weigh factors and potential resistance prior to moving forward. In the simulation one of these factors might entail training 300 employees to perform new job roles and skill sets. Other factors that weigh in could include redesigning the work environment and organizational structure. Timing the implementation of the change could be a major factor. In the case of the simulation an increase in revenue was to be achieved in a nine-month time period, along with complying with the necessary budgets in the business for equipment, technology and the training and hiring of employees. With the above factors in mind we should also be aware that resistance will more than likely occur, both in the organizational departments and individuals. Anticipating possible scenarios can help build the necessary strategy to combat the resistance.
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