Organizational Structure

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Task 01 1) Discuss different organization structures and identify the type of organizational structure that do you thinks suitable for your selected organization?

Organizational structure • Organizational structure is the way in witch an organization’s activities (job tasks) are divided, organized and coordinated. • Organizational structure is the way in which and work, authority resources of an organization have been divided among members.

Types of organizational structure ▪ Entrepreneurial structure ▪ Bureaucratic structure ▪ Matrix structure

Entrepreneurial structure

Most organizations start life as an entrepreneurial structure in that
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A useful example is retail banking or the work of building societies. Here the operations have to be standardized, not only in all branches of the same bank but also between competing banks, so that customers find the system easy to deal with. The work of bank clerks and, in a different way, bank managers requires knowledge, skill and accuracy, but it must be carried out strictly in accordance with the rules and there is little scope for individuality apart from one’s manner in talking with customers and manual dexterity in counting banknote. Bureaucracy provides scope for economies of scale and extensive specialization at the expense of flexibility and product innovation. Their predictability provides a secure environment for the employee and a clear line of safe career progression.

Chief Executive

The matrix structure
As the entrepreneurial and bureaucratic structures have such obvious drawbacks, a third general mode has been evolved and used IV some situations: the matrix. The method is simply to overlay a second set of hierarchical connections over a first, but at right-angles to it. This was first developed in the American aerospace industry because of government demands for a single project manager who would be responsible for the progress of each government contract and to whom government officials could channel all their queries and instruction. Companies
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